Studded Condoms and ribbed condoms have a studded and ribbed texture to provide extreme pleasure, through heightened sensitivity. Condom features Hundreds of raised studs or ribs which add intensity to the experience for both him and her. A condom that's guaranteed to drive you wild, studded and ribbed condoms bring out the true hedonist in all of us!

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Ribbed- Studded Condom
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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condom

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

CODE: trjultrib001

Price: $10.95


Durex Her Sensation Lubricated Condom

Durex Her Sensation Condoms

CODE: durhersen001

Price: $8.45


Durex High Sensation Lubricated Condom

Durex High Sensation Ribbed Condoms

CODE: durhigsen001

Price: $5.95


Durex Pleasure Max Lubricated Condom

Durex Mutual Pleasure (Pleasure Max) Lubricated Condoms

CODE: durmutpls001

Price: $8.45


Caution Wear Wild Rose Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

CODE: causpedrib001

Price: $6.45


Contempo Rough Rider Studded Lubricated Condoms

Rough Rider Studded Lubricated Condoms

CODE: conroustd001

Price: $7.95


Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure Lubricated Condoms

Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure Lubricated Condoms

CODE: lifribpls001

Price: $7.95


Kimono Textured Lubricated Condom

Kimono Textured Lubricated Condoms

CODE: kimeeetyp001

Price: $10.95


ONE 576 Sensations Condoms

ONE 576 Sensations Condom

CODE: one576sen001

Price: $10.95


Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condom

Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms

CODE: trjtwspls001

Price: $10.95